We know you want to get the best possible deal time and again.

That is why at Smart Commodities we believe in streamlined ad-hoc teams of selected professionals who will carry out all the steps of each contract in a timely manner, assuring that you get exactly what you need at exactly the right price.

Juan Carrizo Ghiringhelli


This flexible and efficient structure is led by Founder/CEO Juan Carrizo, an Agricultural Engineer with 15 years of experience in the agricultural industry, who holds an Executive MBA from the Universidad de Comillas, in Spain.

He began his career as Agricultural Market Consultant and held positions as Origination trader, Distribution trader and Commercial manager at two of the largest global commodity houses. Juan chose to put this background to work in the international commodity market on a new business approach that calls for profitable and lasting business relationships based on mutual trust. 

At Smart Commodities we have taken this challenge to conduct a sustainable and ethical business, in line with our corporate Vision and Mission. Teamwork, expertise and focus are the tools we depend on to achieve this ambitious objective.

Matías Rovira


Matías Rovira has joined our team bringing his 10+ years of experience working at one of the largest commodities trading companies. Results-driven professional, he built his network based on trustful communications and long term relationships.

Octavio Lorenzi


Octavio Lorenzi studied Agricultural Engineer, and stands out in the commercial field with a broad trajectory dating back to 2005, in leading companies dedicated to animal nutrition. His experience has been enriched over the years, cultivating a deep understanding of the market and an exceptional ability to establish solid and lasting relationships with clients. His focus is on trust, commitment, and efficiency, fundamental pillars for building successful partnerships.

Antonio Carlevaro


Antonio Carlevaro is an Agricultural Engineer with an Executive MBA from the Catholic University of Uruguay. Since 2003, Antonio has developed and led production and marketing projects for agricultural products in Uruguay. With deep knowledge of the agri-business, Antonio focuses on adding value and providing solutions to the needs of each client.

María Noel Ardao

Administration and finance

María Noel Ardao, public accountant by profession, has experience in different fields in several companies. She collaborates with administration, finances and management of resources, always seeking for their optimization and helping to achieve the company's objectives.

Victoria Saavedra

Execution and Documents

Victoria Saavedra studied Management and Administration orientated to Agribusiness at ORT University. She has ten years of experience in the Execution area in two of the largest companies. She enjoys meeting the challenge to balance logistic efficiency, product quality, several factors that her work presents, and supporting the team to improve continually.


Jorge Carrizo Moyano

Process Management Consultant

In order to actualize Smart Commodities’ Vision and Mission, quality must be at the heart and soul of each and every process. To that end, our team enjoys the seasoned counseling of Jorge Carrizo, a Quality Management Specialist with 30+ years of experience in the international logistics industry and a Law degree from the University of the Republic of Uruguay.

Jorge is a former FedEx Country Manager for Uruguay and co-founder of AUECE (Association of Uruguayan Organizations for Total Quality and Excellence). He headed his own local logistics services company and later made all this knowledge and experience available as a professor at UNIT (Instituto Uruguayo de Normas Técnicas) and as a quality consultant for various small and medium-sized organizations in Uruguay.

His expertise in the field of process management adds an extra edge to Smart Commodities’ value proposal.